Frequently asked questions

Is learning martial arts a safe activity for children?

ABSOLUTELY! We want our children to have confidence in themselves and belief in their own abilities. Learning martial arts always involve risk, because it does involve physical contact, but so does every other child's sport. Our instructors put your child's safety as our highest priority as we train them how to become martial artists and future leaders in the world.

What is the difference between your martial college and other martial art schools?

We are actually the Cloud Forest Chin Woo Association HeadQuarters in the United States. There is only one other Chin Woo HeadQuarters in America, so all who live close enough to us get to reap the benefits! Chin Woo is more than a martial arts school. It's very nature of being a college of martial sciences and community activity helped save the existence of most Chinese Martial Arts in the early to mid 1900's. We are a more modern version of the traditional Chin Woo Association. We understand that in order to empower others, its a good approach to educate them so they have the tools and understanding necessary in life. We set out to be the martial arts college everyone deserves. We only hand out our ranks, titles, and diplomas to those who fight to earn them. Some people will never be interested in what we have to offer, but MANY others see how powerful this is and why its going to help shape the generations to come.

How does it work to take classes here?

1) First, have a look over our classes and the descriptions.
2) Make sure the class schedule works for you.
3) Find the class that you would like to try out for free, then show up a few minutes before the class begins.
4) Fill out the liability waiver (for yourself, or your child participating)
5)Take the free class and enjoy it!
6) Tell the instructor who teaches the class that you would like to begin the process for enrolling. This is a different process for each class, so the instructor will guide you through the process. BUT WE MAKE IT SUPER EASY.


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